Tegan Smith

Co-FOUNDER | Communications & Community Engagement Professional

Tegan's experience with social media, web design, and communications make her your networking and coaching gal! With a background in fine arts and non-profit management, she offers a wealth of knowledge and a proven record of successful projects.

Her loud and easy laugh is like free-jazz... comfortably improvised and all-encompassing. Her organizational skills are impeccable and her coffee is guaranteed to be in one of her many sea-foam coloured mugs. 


Caitlin Smith

Co-FOUNDER | Graphic Design & Communications Professional

Detail oriented and often found elbow-deep in some type of project, Caitlin is the other brain behind Inlet. With experience in the creative arts, literally across the board, she has worked on everything from brochure and logo design to giant puppet fabrication.  

She is an avid hobby collector and has been known to go from making random flavours of ice cream in the morning, to trying her hand at car repair in the afternoon, and end the day with a couple hours of Facebook data analysis.